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WER WIR SIND: Über uns

With our worldwide projects we enable women to lead a self-determined life!




From a global perspective, equality cannot be taken for granted. According to the "Global Gender Gap Report 2020" (World Economic Forum), this will only be the case in 99.5 years. In some parts of the world, women are still denied the freedom to decide how they want to live. They are denied basic rights such as education, paid employment outside the home or starting a business, owning property, seeing a doctor, driving a car, choosing a husband, using contraceptives, getting divorced and much more. We help these women by strengthening their position so that they can live self-determined lives.


Holistic education is the basis for a self-determined life. In addition to a classical school education and vocational training, it is also necessary to learn so-called soft skills such as assertiveness, risk-taking, perseverance and social competence in order to be professionally successful. Due to traditional role models, many women lack the self-confidence to live financially independently. We help women to go their own way by accompanying them from the idea to their own business and by equipping them with everything they need. We provide them with access to holistic education, women's networks and platforms where they can present their special talents.

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Our motto is MITEINANDER | TOGETHER. We firmly believe that we can only solve problems together. That is why we are committed to the exchange between different cultures and create environments and opportunities for discourse at eye level. We integrate people into our global network who can learn from each other and help each other - regardless of skin colour, gender, religion, age, education or income.


Andrea Bury
CEO & Founder

“Economic inequality around the world is still extreme. We know from many studies that a diverse team-led economy is more efficient, socially and environmentally sustainable. In this context, empowering women is not just a gender issue, it is about preserving our planet.”

Petra Hoffmann_Portrait_Susan Guetari_1_

"The diversity of cultures, traditions, beauties and courage of many women in the world have my deep respect. Too often women are not given the opportunity to contribute to visions. 

no education | no choice | no chance: Everyone should have a chance and everyone has the right to it.”

Heike Janssen
Head of Finance

"What I've seen and learned on all my many international trips is the importance of education and independence for women. That's why I'm very happy to be involved with the ABURY Foundation and to work on specific projects that enable women to lead a self-determined life help.”

Britt Hess
Head of Circle of Friends

“Growing up with a single working mother shaped my life. Leading a self-determined life with this role model came naturally to me. I am therefore very pleased to be making a contribution to the ABURY Foundation for women on their way to professional independence."



We love handmade things with beautiful designs that look good, feel good and do good. We believe that beauty is in the details and stand for quality over quantity. Each piece in the ABURY Collection is carefully designed and handmade. The result is unique and timeless treasures from cultural traditions of other countries. We put people first, which is why we ensure fair working conditions and salaries, and reinvest 50 per cent of profits in social projects in the communities we work with through the ABURY Foundation. All manufacturing processes are transparent and we promote sustainable production.

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