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Our declared goal is a fairer world in which all people can live happily and independently. That is why the topics of equality, education and understanding determine our work. Our programs offer help for self-help and create equal opportunities. We have summarized the most important projects and visions for us at the moment.



In 2013, 80 percent of women in the Moroccan Berber village of Douar Anzal were illiterate. Since education is the basis for a financially independent life, we started a school there and established a literacy program for women that still exists today. It not only includes learning to read and write, but also how to use computers and new technologies. We want to expand this program in the future and set up more ABURY Foundation schools. Both in other Moroccan communities and in areas of other countries where women are denied access to education.


You will soon find detailed information about the ALPHABETIZATION PROGRAM FOR WOMEN in our blog.


Due to the corona pandemic, the situation on the job market in Morocco has deteriorated considerably. There is an unemployment rate of 32.4 percent among young jobseekers between the ages of 15 and 24, and 18.7 percent among academics. * That is why we are currently launching a project for the development and promotion of entrepreneurship in the field of “production and trade in handicrafts Products ”into life. We support young women, especially from rural areas, from the first idea for their own business to setting up a company and beyond. Over a period of two years we motivate and coach them, strengthen their competencies in business issues, start their own company with them and help to implement and expand it. We draw on around 10 years of experience with traditional handicrafts in the region.
* HCP (High Commission for Planning), 2020


You can find detailed information about the MICRO-ENTREPRENEURSHIP in our blog.



In many parts of the world, women's potential is still suppressed, leaving a wealth of skills, talents, knowledge and ideas untapped. It has long been clear that there is a clear connection between female entrepreneurship, economic growth and sustainable development. * That is why we are creating a global platform for the support of women, which brings together organizations and projects on the subject of WOMEN EMPOWERMENT and aims to help women around the world create their own Way to go. NALA means successful woman. Our BECOMING NALA project stands for opportunity, change and exchange for globalized women in the 21st century.
* Inter-America Development Bank

You will soon find detailed information about the BECOMING NALA PROJECT in our blog .


Together with the famous advertising photographer Thomas Rusch, we launched the art charity project PortrAID in 2015. The idea is simple: a well-known photographer takes a portrait of a person in need, we sell the unique specimen and use the proceeds to help the person portrayed directly solve their problem. From this original idea, several sub-projects have since emerged in Morocco and Ethiopia, which are dedicated to the preservation of traditional craftsmanship and the promotion of education or have taken on the topic of health care for craftsmen and their children. You can find more information on the PortrAID website.




Do you have a foundation, an association or an organization that focuses on the topic of WOMEN EMPOWERMENT? Would you like to collect donations in Germany, but your foundation is not based there? Then contact us: we work with other foundations around the world to achieve more together.

For example, in 2019 we helped the HILO SAGRADO Foundation in Colombia to collect donations for the Wayuú in Germany. Thanks to the numerous supporters, HILO SAGRADO was able to give the people of this matriarchal-led, indigenous group in northern Colombia access to clean water and solar energy. In addition, 1,441 school children were provided with learning material.


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