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We believe that transparency is a core criterion for trustworthy social engagement. Therefore, as part of the Transparent Civil Society initiative, we have committed ourselves to making the following information available to the public.


1. General information

Name: ABURY Foundation gGmbH
Headquarters: Helmstedterstr. 29
D-10717 Berlin

Year of foundation: 2011

Contact person: Andrea Bury, 


2. Objectives and Social Contract

Our social contract can be downloaded here.

Mission: Our mission can be summarized in 3 points:


Globally, equality is not a matter of course. According to the “Global Gender Gap Report 2021” (World Economic Forum), this will only be the case in 135.6 years. Because in some parts of the world, women are still denied the freedom to choose how they want to live. They are denied basic rights such as education, working outside the home or starting a business, owning property, seeing a doctor, driving a car, choosing a husband, using contraception, divorce and more. Our goal is to help these women by empowering them to live independently. 



Holistic education is the basis for a self-determined life. In addition to classic school education and vocational training, learning so-called soft skills such as assertiveness, willingness to take risks, perseverance and social skills is necessary in order to be professionally successful. Due to traditional role models, many women lack the self-confidence to live financially independently. We help women to find their way by accompanying them from the idea to their own business and providing them with everything they need. We give you access to holistic education, women's networks and platforms on which you can present your special talents.


Our motto is TOGETHER. We firmly believe that we can only solve problems together. That is why we are committed to the exchange between  different cultures and create environments and opportunities for discourse on an equal footing. We integrate people into our global network who can learn from each other and help each other - regardless of skin color, gender, religion, age, education or income.  


3. Recent notice from the tax office regarding recognition as a tax-privileged, non-profit corporation

The latest confirmation from the tax office can be downloaded here: notice of exemption


4. Names and positions of key decision-makers

Persons who can make decisions in accordance with the articles of association or articles of association:
Andrea Bury (Managing Director), Petra Hoffmann (Shareholder, 20% shares), Britt Heß (Shareholder, 500 shares), Heike Janssen (Shareholder, 500 shares).

5. Activity Report

Our annual and activity report can be downloaded here:

Activity report for the year 2021


6. Personnel structure

Manager:Andrea Bury (since February 1st, 2011 until today, approx. 4 hours per week) –

Shareholder: Petra Hoffmann (since May 17th, 2023 until today, approx. 4 hours per week)

Shareholder: Heike Janssen (since January 1st, 2014 until today, approx. 3 hours per week, partner since June 1st, 2020) -

Shareholder: Britt Hess (since June 1st, 2020 until today, approx. 3 hours per week) –

Mini jobber: Clara Font (since April 1st, 2021 until today, approx. 20 hours per month)

7 & 8. Source of funds and use of funds

With your donation, you primarily support educational projects in various areas. Our main goal is to enable women and children to lead a self-determined life.

An overview of income and expenditure is provided by the Overview of 2021 as well as the Trade balance 2021


9. Corporate Affiliates with Third Parties



10. Donations that account for more than 10% of total annual income for 2021

€25,000 grant from the BMW Herbert Quandt Foundation.

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