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FFAB WEBTALK #2: From teenage girl to female leader

F(emale) F(uture), A(rts) and B(usiness)

There is no country in the world where women and girls experience total equity and equality. ABURY and Girls Gearing Up want to change that. In 2021 Andrea Bury, founder of the ABURY Foundation, was so inspired by her mentoring session with the girls at the Girls Gearing Up Summer Academy, that she decided to collaborate with GGU. One of their common goals is to offer two scholarships to girls from Morocco for the Summer Academy Program 2022 in Berlin.

"What we lack are role models who let us dream and show us what is possible as a woman. I was lucky enough to have an older sister, and one of her friends was doing an internship in New York. I was 9 then - living in a village in Morocco. But from that moment on, I knew that's what I wanted to do. And I did it." Hajar, now 34, lawyer

Our main topic in FFAB WEBTALK #2:

How can we empower girls to create self-confidence, dare dreaming and follow their dreams?

In this unique talk with Tina Limbird and Courtney Adams (Founders of Girls Gearing Up) as well as Jacqueline Kammyani (17 years old) und Amina Chunga (15 years old) from Malawi, in southeastern Africa, you will

a) be amazed how one week of Girls Leadership Academy with Girls Gearing Up changed their lives.

b) be inspired how energetic, positive, creative and self-confident they talk about their dreams and visions (in their first official speaking engagement!).

c) learn how you can be involved and how GGU and the ABURY Foundation want to bring two teenage girls from Morocco to Berlin for the Summer Academy in 22.

We invite you to take part in the live-talk:

March 2nd, 2022 | 6-7 p.m.

The talk takes place in English. The number of participants is limited.

We are looking forward to seeing you to an inspirational, intercultural exchange.

Sign up here and get your ZOOM link:

About Girls Gearing Up

Girls Gearing Up International Leadership Academy e.V. is dedicated to inspire, empower and connect the next generation of global-thinking female trailblazers.

GGU offers a holistic program that brings girls from all cultures and countries together and enables them to discover and realize their own potential. Through the summer academy, mentoring, and year-round mentoring, an international network of girls is created who are empowered to make positive economic, social, and political contributions to their communities and whose collective actions will lead to a more equitable society.



F(emale) F(uture,) A(rts) und B(usiness)

With our worldwide projects we enable and empower women to lead a self-determined life. We support the education of women and children because education is the prerequisite for independence. We are also committed to understanding between cultures because learning from one another means strengthening one another.

Three good reasons why we have started our FFAB WEBTALKS.

The idea for the FFAB WEBTALKS came to us during the development of our current Sophie Chan project: In many parts of the world, the potentials of women are still being suppressed, leaving a wealth of skills, talents, knowledge and ideas untapped. It has long been established that there is a clear connection between female entrepreneurship, economic growth and sustainable development. That is why we are creating a global platform to support women. It brings together organizations and projects on the topic of women empowerment and aims to help women worldwide to go their own way.

You would like to learn more about us and our projects?

You want to support us?

Then write to us:

We gladly answer your questions

and show you all the ways you can do good with us.

Thank you.

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